Kathy Henry – Owner, CEO

Kathy Henry – Owner, Chief Executive Officer

Kathy Henry

Kathy Henry

Mrs. Kathy Henry is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of The Henry House. Though she was born in Indiana and raised in Iowa, her heart always belonged in Alaska. She lived here 6 years before venturing to the lower 48 for several years.  Kathy’s entire life has centered on helping others- from raising seven her children, to holding managerial positions in the work force.  After all her 7 children were grown and starting their own adult lives, she found herself longing to come back home to Alaska.  Looking to continue in her nurturing role, she and her husband took ownership of the family owned rooming house, on 5th Ave.  While there, they saw a much greater need to help the “often forgotten” mentally challenged and those with special needs.  In December 2005, that vision was birthed at The Henry House.

As the Owner and CEO, some of Mrs. Henry’s responsibilities are:

  • Oversees the screening of potential residents
  • Coordinates mental health court appointments and meetings for the residents
  • Monitors the distribution of daily medication for the residents
  • Oversees the daily operations of the Henry House

Email: khenry@henryhouseak.com

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